We have been doing a terrible job of managing our business’ greatest asset – information.

Information Management (IM) is an integral factor in a workplace’s effectiveness – good decisions are largely based on having access to good information – and this has come into stark focus with the rise of remote working.

As such your processes need to ensure that the right information is made available to the right people, at the right time – where they need it when they need it.

But most IM systems fail to meet even the most basic requirements:

1. Securely and effectively capturing information

2. Enabling the right people to access it in the most efficient way possible.

And that’s a big problem because even prior to remote working becoming part of the norm (rather than a progressive perk), information was already very difficult to manage with research showing the average information worker spent a minimum of six hours per week hunting for information.

But the issue for host businesses, teams and individuals has been made worse.


Instead of addressing shortcomings in their processes, a host of companies have installed the likes of Zoom, Teams, Slack, WhatsApp, Email and a plethora of other SaaS apps to communicate, collaborate, and share information.

On the surface, this seems fine but let’s dig deeper.

The reality is that these apps, many unauthorized, allow teams to “attach” a document or file from an already uncontrolled file system or shared drive. This seems relatively harmless and even convenient in the right setting.

But the issue is that these apps hasten the loss of valuable documents and intellectual property by enabling information to become gradually spread across a number of these disparate tools.

A recent survey found that your information can be independently sitting in up to 20 different systems. If you stop and think about it could you figure out all the places your documents and files are floating around?

So, straight off the bat, we have information that is difficult to locate and we have diminished visibility as to what’s happening across our organisation (not to mention information security concerns).

It’s a process issue and you can rest assured that if basic tasks – such as finding and accessing information – are this time consuming for in-house teams, it will not be any easier for your remote workforce.

The problem is that these apps are not designed for managing information – but that’s what they’re being used for.

It’s time to take document management seriously and implement a system that at the very least securely and effectively captures information and enables the right people to access it in the most efficient way possible.

Say hello to PIQNIC – a super platform purpose built to bring work management, team collaboration and document management together in one place.

It’s a single-platform replacement for all your single-purpose apps.

Our smart platform will enable all your newly managed information to be put to work, connecting it with secure file sharing, projects, tasks and workflows. Your information is now connected to people and their work, not as attachments, but links to the managed repository so versions and changes are automatically managed.

You’ll never lose another document again!

For individuals:

  • You’ll know exactly what needs to be done and by when.
  • In each workspace, you’ll be instantly connected to all the information you need to get your work done.
  • You can let people know how you’re tracking, collaborate with task focused, on-topic messaging, start workflows, make decisions.
  • All your documents and files are automatically classified and managed.

For teams:

  • Get real-time communication updates, new version notification of a presentation or document, progress updates, external collaboration rights to ensure full transparency and decision making options with voting rules.
  • Everyone is now on the same page – true teamwork!

For managers:

  • You’re connected to your team and have visibility over all their work.
  • You’ll no longer need to interrupt people with endless meetings and distractions trying to figure out where things are at because this is all now available to you.
  • You’re present, ready to help and able to lead the most productive team ever.

If this sounds too good to be true it’s not.

Learn ABOUT PIQNIC or CONTACT US and see how we can help you downsize your reliance on apps by upgrading to PIQNIC.

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