When managing remote teams there’s a direct path to productivity. It’s called process.

If you look behind the curtain of any successful business from local fast-food restaurants to Fortune 500 companies their foundations are built on it.

But in an environment in which remote working has become a necessary norm for so many, effectiveness is under fire. At the very time where both managers and teams are reliant on it, we are seeing a lack of proper processes hindering and frustrating managers and their teams alike, costing organisations time and money.

It is something we at PIQNIC have seen and solved for numerous clients. Based on what we have experienced and implemented here are our five keys to getting the most from your remote teams:

  1. Ensure information is centralised, available for everybody, with tight version control
  2. Provide clear expectations and timelines
  3. Track and monitor progress regularly
  4. Communicate regularly on task
  5. Measure outputs

An important part of managing anyone is ensuring they have both the tools and the information required to get the job done. Too often information is spread across a bunch of disparate, unconnected apps (up to 20 in some cases) making information hard to find, progress impossible to track, and confidence in version control non-existent.

This results in ongoing distractions. Meetings, emails and messages – sometimes via the very apps which are causing the issues – just so teams and managers know what is going on. This costs time and money and only generates frustration.

The fact is that productive, smart, motivated employees don’t need to be micro-managed. They need access to tools that enable them to effectively meet the objectives you have specified.

Managers on the other hand need visibility. Both need connectedness to the business and each other. It’s that simple. It’s a managers dream to be able to see work happening, to know that you’re utilising the resources that you have the best you can. Furthermore, to know when to get involved if you see things are slipping… Without the need to distract your teams with meetings, calls and messages.

The solution is straightforward: A smart, modern document management system that’s brings work, people, and information together in one place. A system that ensures your information, documents and files are centrally managed with processes that cover access, control, security, and retention of information. Where decisions can be made, document versions updated, workflows completed and monitored, and communication is connected to each piece of work.

Sound like the perfect platform for today’s digital working environment? Sound like an environment in which your teams would thrive? Sound too good to be true? It’s not, learn ABOUT PIQNIC or CONTACT US today.

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